Hair Colors: Wonderful hair colors for your skin tones.

In modern days, women tend to find to Hair Colors instead of having their natural ones. The reasons are that Hair Colors can upgrade their elegance and make their hair more vibrant. Choosing the right Hair colors can make you much younger than you are in reality. In this post, we will give some some informations about Hair Colors based on different types of skin tones.

Define which skin tones you have.

Your skin tones are determined by genes of your parents shown at the second you were born and are unchangable during your wholelife. Defining which skin tones you have are sometimes crucial when you mix and match your outfit and color your hair. However, you may not know what types of tones you are, if not, let’s see these short discription:

  • Fair skin tone: You’re a really fair person who burns quickly.
  • Light skin tone: You have light skin with yellow or beige undertones, as opposed to fair skin.
  • Medium skin tone: Your skin is tanned and has warm golden or olive undertones.
  • Dark skin tone: This is the deepest tone of skin, you look to have dark skin.

Choose the right Hair Colors for your skin tones.

After defining which skin tones you have, you need to know that each of them suit to different Hair Colors. Now, let’s see which one is for yours. This knowledge will be applicable for both real hair styling and hair extension styling in human hair bulk business in general.

  • Hair Colors for fair skin tone

These are some recommended Hair Colors for fair skin tone:

  • Blonde: for fair skin, a blonde tone will offer a stunning contrast to your style.
  • If you have cool undertones, warm colors like brown color is recommended for you. If you have warm undertones, Hair Colors like green, brown, mustard yellow and warm reds are recommended for you
  • Burgundy: Burgundy is a hue that combines blue and red, so you may go lighter with more red or deeper with more blue.

  • Hair Colors for light skin tone

The strawberry blonde is recommended for you. This is the red chart’s brightest point. This warm blonde shade is the tint that looks elegant and affluent in some versions. I dare that anyone who has ever tried it once felt pleased about it. That’s why strawberry blonde is the most in common among hair stylists and many celebrities. To achieve the most satisfying blonde hair tone, you may need to bleach your hair, so don’t forget to choose the top best conditioners for bleached hair for your hair care routine.

  • Hair Colors for medium skin tone

Warm Hair Colors are considered to be the best suitable for medium skin tone: dark brown, chocolate or warm blonde are recommended. Indeed, you can choose many tones from little bright to deeply dark. Black is the darkest color spectrum and will look great on your medium skin tone. Almost every Asian women have medium tones and they look gorgeous in black hair. You can also choose a deep chocolate brown if you want something warmer in your face.

  • Hair Colors for dark skin tone

Unlike medium skin tones, bright Hair Colors are highly recommended for people with dark skin tones. They will creat sharp contrast between your skin and your hair, which give you stunning look. Blonde is the one that are the most controversial among people. Many think it fits dark skin tone but others don’t. In reality, with numerous shades of blonde, you can choose the range you want: Creamy Blonde, Honey Blonde are one of the most common Hair Colors chosen by ladies. On darker hair, it might be simple to create. Another great choice for ladies with dark skin tones is Ash Blonde.