Interesting facts about Vietnamese cinnamon

With excellent quality and stable quantity, Vietnamese cinnamon has become a trustworthy destination for cinnamon traders nowadays. To approach defined and precise product information, this article is everything to know.

Vietnamese cinnamon’s main varieties

In general, there are 2 main types of cinnamon, which are Cinnamon Cassia Cinnamon Ceylon. However, in Vietnam, the production of the Ceylon type is rare and the Cassio type is a key Vietnamese cinnamon product. The range of Vietnamese Cinnamon Cassia products is really diverse with 6 main varieties:

Tube cinnamon

Produced from barks of cinnamon evergreen with a length of 30-45 cm, then rolled into tube-shaped. Price of 100% natural cassia tube cinnamon: $16/kg

Stick cinnamon:

Stick cinnamon has the shape of a stick with 1.5 – 2 cm in diameter and 15 – 20 in length. In general, stick cinnamon with rolled stick 80% and opened stick 20% is sold at $16/kg.


Vietnamese stick cinnamon

Cigarette cinnamon

Having the same shape with the stick type but it is shorter in length, about 8-10 cm. Vietnamese cigarette cinnamon’s price is $11/kg on average.

Split cinnamon

This variety of cinnamon still has outer shells, being split and dried after harvest time. The value of its essential oil is quite low compared to three others above, about 1.5-2%, which lead to its low price, around $3/kg.

Cinnamon powder

Cassia Cinnamon bark is milled to produce this cinnamon. The price in Vietnam at this time is $5.

Cinnamon oil

Cinnamon oil is considered as one of the most promising cinnamon products nowadays thanks to its wide usages in cooking and treatment . With the price of $70.1, buyers can have an authentic and organic liter of Vietnamese cinnamon oil.


cinnamon oil

Need-to-know knowledge to work with Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers

This information will help retailers to work with Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers in a more effective and time-consuming way.

Choose reliable suppliers

A reliable trader must have a clear profile with a valid company address and contact number. Besides, obtaining quality qualifications such as ISO is also a must.

Scamming signs

Scamming suppliers are likely to have some signs: unclear company profiles, early payment requirements and very low price.

Working guidelines in a brief

  • After receiving the buyer’s Letter of Intent (LOI), the seller sends an FCO to the buyer.
  • Two sides start to discuss contract terms. After that, samples from the seller company will be sent to the buyer for verification purposes.
  • Two sides are required to track goods’ shipping situation
  • The buyer check the products and traders do after-sales service

Top 3 Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers

Three names below are all reliable Vietnamese cinnamon suppliers that carry high-quality products and professional working ways.

WECAY Company

Having years of experience in cinnamon manufacturing, WECAY is confident in giving customers high-quality cinnamon products.


K-Agriculture is one of the most familiar and trustworthy companies in distributing Vietnamese cinnamon products both domestically and internationally.

Contact us:



Phone/Whatsapp: +84855555694

Huong Que company

A new name in this industry, but in recent years, the company has quickly gained a relatively large amount of customers’ satisfaction.