Ponytail hair extensions and everything you should know

Overview of ponytail hair extension

Ponytail hair extensions are a big hit in recent years. In the section below, we will show you the basics of ponytail hair extension and why ladies love it.

Ponytail Hair Extensions definition

Ponytail hair extensions is the one that helps your ponytail have more thickness and length. The goal is to make a voluminous, thick, full, attractive ponytail. 

Everything You Need To Know About Clip In Ponytail Human Hair Extensions  For Short Hair | Layla Hair

Ponytail hair extensions are usually 18 to 20 inches long and can be installed with a clip. If you want a soft, natural, and realistic ponytail, you should buy a ponytail hair extension that is made from 100% human hair.

Why ladies love ponytail hair extensions 

There are many reasons why many ladies prefer to buy a ponytail hair extension. Here are a few reasons why you should purchase a extensions hair ponytail:

  • It makes ponytails look longer and fuller which will make you look more attractive.
  •  A clip-in ponytail with hair extensions is an extremely quick and easy way to have a full thick ponytail in a short time. Not only is it convenient, it also looks amazing on any girl.
  • If you’ve always wanted to try different hairstyles but don’t want to change your current hair, ponytail hair extension is the perfect alternative! With a ponytail hair extension, you may get a wider range of diverse and elegant looks, such as a thick braid or a big and attractive bun. 

How to Put on ponytail hair extension

If you want to curl or straighten your ponytail hair extensions, you should do it first before putting it on your real hair. Here are the guidelines to help you put on hair ponytail extension the right way.

  • Make a ponytail with your natural hair. Using a brush and a hair tie to place your hair in a high ponytail near to the crown of your head. The ponytail should be higher than where you want it to be, then secure it with a hair tie.
  • Brush the ponytail hair extensions with a comb. Remember to comb it carefully so it will not tangle when you put it on.

Everything You Need To Know About Clip In Ponytail Human Hair Extensions  For Short Hair | Layla Hair

  • Secure the ponytail hair extensions on to your hair. Begin by tucking the ponytail hair extensions clip under your hair tie at the top of your ponytail. Then, using the velcro, carefully wrap the extension around your real ponytail until it is secure. 
  • Keep the band hidden so that your ponytail hair extensions won’t show off. Use a short amount of your ponytail to cover around the hair tie.
  • Finally, turn your head to check if your ponytail hair extensions are secure. Your ponytail should feel comfortable and steady while moving if it’s done properly. 

Here are the steps in order to put on the hair extension ponytails properly. Keep in mind that if it is installed the right way, it will not hurt your actual hair.

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Hair extensions are available in a variety of styles at Queen Hair. Queen Hair’s products may be bleached, permed, and tinted to provide a variety of looks. 

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