Reputable cinnamon exporters and how to work with them

Cinnamon exporters are crucial if you or your company trades cinnamon products. Hence, knowing where and how to find a proper cinnamon exporter, together with the basic steps to start doing business with them, is a must. 

A general view of cinnamon exporters

It is essential to know about cinnamon exporters’ definition, how they are distributed, their needed certificates, and main products. 

  • How to define cinnamon exporters

Cinnamon exporters are a company or an individual that promotes and sells cinnamon products in large quantities to interested buyers. 

Major and reliable cinnamon exporters are important to boost your company’s cinnamon trading activities. Cinnamon products are widely used for both humans and animals. They can also be safe to use for 2 to 3 years. Therefore, cinnamon products can yield significant profits. 

  • Where cinnamon exporters are distributed 

Most cinnamon exporters are in Asia. Data released by The Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC) in 2019 indicated that Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and China were the top cinnamon exporters. 

  • Requirements for cinnamon exporters 

When finding your cinnamon exporters, you should look for those with a business license, transparent information, awards and certificates on exporting cinnamon products, as well as an ample resource of cinnamon. Additionally, they should have prestigious trade partners and profoundly understand cinnamon. 

  • Most popular products of cinnamon exporters

Most cinnamon exporters usually sell cinnamon barks, cinnamon stick, Cassia broken cinnamon and cinnamon powder.


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How to reach trustworthy cinnamon exporters

Companies can find cinnamon exporters by attending agricultural fairs, middleman companies in exporting countries, or via social networks and the exporters’ websites.

Detecting a cinnamon exporter that is scamming you

You should be cautious with the cinnamon exporters you are contacting if they have the following signs:

  • Does not have clear information 
  • Urges you to pay as soon as possible
  • Offers a very low price and excellent benefits
  • Cannot prove they have a warehouse and manufacturing lines 

Steps to cooperate with your cinnamon exporters

You should follow the seven steps below in your cooperation with the cinnamon exporter

  • Step 1: Inquire the exporter about cinnamon
  • Step 2: Discuss extensively with the cinnamon exporter about their price 
  • Step 3: Ask for samples from the cinnamon exporter to check the products’ quality
  • Step 4. Prepare and sign a contract with your chosen cinnamon exporter
  • Step 5: Make your payment with the cinnamon exporter via a suitable method
  • Step 6: Check the products after they are delivered to you
  • Step 7: Give your advice and comments to the cinnamon exporters 

What are the best 5 cinnamon exporters?

We will explore 5 significant cinnamon exporters and how your business can contact them.

Virgin Cinnamon (Sri Lanka)

The company is based in Sri Lanka with highly knowledgeable managers in the export sector.

Phone: +94 77 35 91657


Vietlife from Vietnam

Vietlife aims to deliver agricultural products of fine quality in a rapid and thoughtful manner.

Phone: +84 855555794


K-Agriculture (Vietnam)

Founded in 1996, with the direct endorsement of Vietnam’s Ministry of Industry and Trade, K-Agriculture – a leading cinnamon factory – operates on their amazing motto: Quality is King. 


K-Agriculture company

Phone: +84 855555837 (Whatsapp contact is applicable)




Jining Sunagro Trade (China)

This is a highly reputable cinnamon exporter of China.

Phone: +86 13853773537


KPRO Production Joint Stock Company (Vietnam)

The company is among Vietnam’s largest cinnamon exporters and always prioritizes the products’ quality. 

Phone: +84 855555782


Cinnamon exporters and elements to be aware of

Here is some quick information that you should consult with your cinnamon exporters:

  • On average, the tariff for cinnamon export is 9.9%
  • Cyprus, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago are the countries and territories imposing the highest import tariffs on cinnamon products, at respectively 42%, 40%, and 37.8%.
  • In contrast, the ones with the lowest tariffs for this product (0%) are Hong Kong, South Africa, Japan, Singapore, and the Maldives.
  • The ideal storage condition for cinnamon is sealed and in a warehouse that is dry, waterproof, and well-ventilated at a low temperature.