Tape/tip hair extension: Which should you choose for natural beautiful hair

Tape/tip hair extension is the first choice of customers who want to have long and thick hair in a short time. However, there are still many customers who do not know the difference, so please follow the article below to get all your questions answered.


tape/tip hair extension

What’s a tape/tip hair extension?

First of all, customers need to know what tape/tip hair extension is to consider whether to choose it or not:

  • Tip hair extension: This is a hairstyle for customers who already have relatively long hair but want to make their hair thicker and longer. Tip hair extension is small hair pins about 1 to 2.5 grams divided by using special glue to fix the hairline. Its shape can vary depending on each wholesale hair vendor and salon to suit the wishes of the customers.
  • Tape hair extension: This is the easiest hairstyle to use and is also more popular than the tip hair extension. Tape hair extension is designed by thinning each section of hair and then fixing the hairline with specialized glue for thin layers.

Pros and cons of tape/tip hair extension

Each type of product has its own advantages and disadvantages and let’s find out what the advantages and disadvantages of tape/tip hair extension:


tape/tip hair extension


 Pros of tape/tip hair extension

Tape/tip hair extension is one of the most popular products, surely its advantages are issues that many customers are interested in:

  • Tip hair extension: If the customer wants a long-lasting hair extension, then definitely the tip hair extension is for you. With the use of heat effect on specialized glue to make the tip firmly attached to the customer’s hair, the use time of the tip hair extension can be up to 4-6 months. This specialized glue will help keep the hair extensions from falling off during the customers’ shampooing or daily activities. Not only that, the tip hair extension also helps customers get a hair with the most natural beauty possible when used without exposing the hair extension. With the tip hair extension, customers can freely create any hairstyle they love without worrying about the hair extensions being exposed causing unnaturalness.
  • Tape hair extension: When it comes to tape hair extension, it is impossible not to mention flexibility, convenience and ease of use. With a special design, the salon uses tape hair extension for customers to simply stick it on their main hair layer by layer. A very simple treatment that does not bring pain or stress to the hair roots but is very comfortable like your own real hair. And it is also because of this simple use that the customer’s hair will not be damaged or broken because there is no heat impact on this use.

Cons of tape/tip hair extension

If there are advantages, then disadvantages are inevitable, and to reinforce the customer’s choice, here are some disadvantages of tape/tip hair extension incase that you can have the good hair from realiable wholesale hair extension vendors:

  • Tip hair extension: When choosing a tip hair extension, customers will spend a lot of time waiting to have a complete hair and have to depend very much on the skill of your hairdresser. Usually, when using a tip hair extension, it will take 8-10 hours to do and wait for about 48 hours to wash your hair the next time. In addition, when using a tip hair extension, it will be easily damaged and broken due to the heat applied to the specialized glue to fix the tip on the customer’s hair, so damage is inevitable.
  • Tape hair extension: Although tape hair extension is more convenient than tip because it does not damage the hair, it also has a few disadvantages such as when using tape will not keep the durability for too long. For tape hair extension, the retention in your hair usually lasts from 4 to 6 weeks because the stickers do not have the impact of heat, so it is easy to fall off the tape hair extension. So if you want to keep it for a long time, you need to take good care of the tape. Besides, using tape hair extensions will also make it difficult for you to style your hair especially if you want to tie your hair up.

Above are the benefits and disadvantages of the tape/tip hair extension, you can refer to it from there to make the right choices and have the most perfect hair.

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