The best seller of 5S hair factory: Curly hair extension

Curly hair extension is a hairstyle that has been styled into different degrees of curl to serve the different requirements and preferences of customers. The following article will introduce you to some of the most popular curly hairstyles today.


curly hair extension

What is curly hair extension?

Curly hair extension is a hairstyle produced from natural straight curls that are strong and durable. It has many different designs and colors so it is very sought after by hair dealers. Curly hair extension can bring a youthful and dynamic feeling, can also bring a noble mature feeling to customers according to different degrees of curl and this style has never been out of fashion in the field of beauty.

Characteristics of curly hair extension

For curly hair extension, there are many categories for customers to choose from, here are some outstanding types:

Curly hair extension’s colors

To meet the needs of each different customer, the wholesale hair markets have produced many different types of colors that are both beautiful and trendy, which are very popular:

  • Dark colors: For curly hair extension, dark hair color is very popular among people like Africa because with their beautiful brown skin and dark curly hair, it enhances their beauty. Curly hair extension’s bold hair color is also very popular in many other places because of the popularity and ease of use of this hair color.
  • Bright colors: With light hair color, curly hair extension is more and more popular in the European markets because their original hair color is a very light color and it is also very popular because of the outstanding beauty of light hair color. Bright curly hair can create many styles such as highlights or hidden hair, which is an extremely hot trend today. You will stand out in the crowd if you have such a brilliant hair color.

Types of curly hair extension

Curly hair extension has a lot of varieties to meet the wishes of customers and here are some typical styles:


types of curly hair extension

  • Curly weft hair extension: The curly weft hair extension hair is manufactured in such a way that after being divided into small bundles, it is fixed by the machine and then sown onto the customer’s hair. With curly weft hair extensions, curly hair extensions are very popular because of its utility and can be used for a long time.
  • Curly tip/tape hair extension: This is definitely the most popular style because of its convenience and can make the customer’s hair look very natural. Curly hair extension in the form of a curly tip/tape hair extension will make the customer’s hair become bouncy and have a charming beauty that anyone wants to have. Using it will be extremely sure with high durability, customers will not have to style their hair many times to damage hair and still have extremely gorgeous hair.
  • Curly wig: This is the most convenient and flexible design compared to the above models, but its cost is also relatively higher than other types. With the complete wig, the customer simply puts it on and it becomes their real hair. Curly hair extensions in this form are very popular in the African markets because their original hair is curly and it is also very important in enhancing their unique beauty.

Why should customers buy curly hair extensions at 5S hair factory?

5S Hair is one of the best wholesale hair extensions vendors in Vietnam. If you are still wondering whether to choose curly hair extension or not, here are a few reasons for your reference:


5S hair factory’s curly hair extension

  • 5S hair factory’s curly hair extensions are always guaranteed in terms of quality as well as style for customers to refer to and make a final decision. If a customer has any request, 5S hair factory can also meet all their requirements or wishes so that every customer who comes to us has the best experience.
  • Or if you’re looking for curly hair but the wholesale hair market is flooded with products at different prices and you don’t know which wholesale hair market to put your trust in, then 5S hair factory is the place you should go. With a team of professional consultants dedicated to customers of 5S hair factory will definitely help you find the right type of curly hair extension for your requirements. The staff will be available 24/7 to help you answer any questions about quality, price, ordering, shipping,…everything will be answered.

For curly hair extension, 5S hair factory is extremely proud to have high quality products made from 100% original hair with strict selections and after going through strict production steps good products to customers.