These Womens Luggage Sets Will Be Worthy Of Your Investment

There are many womens luggage sets that are being sold in the market, but we think these womens luggage sets would be what you have been looking for.

1. Womens luggage sets consideration while buying

You should take these criteria into account while purchasing womens luggage sets.

  • The numbers of wheels: Womens luggage sets are mostly seen with 2 or 4 wheels.
  • Zipper: Coil zipper and Chain zipper will fit different type of customers. In which:
    • Coil zipper: These ones are perfect for your short trips. There are 3 types of it:
      • Small: 20 inches
      • Medium: 24 inches
      • Large: 28 inches
    • Chain zipper: They are the most common ones to be used while producing womens luggage sets. They are made of ABS or PC plastic.
  • The womens luggage sets size:
    • Small: 20 inches
    • Medium: 24 inches
    • Large: 28 inches

2. Womens luggage sets designs

Here are some suggested designs from us

2.1. Bric’s Bellagio 2.0 Trolley – the first option for womens luggage sets

Bric’s Bellagio is an Italian fashion brand. It is especially well-liked by many celebrities: Rashida Jones, Mandy Moore,… and so on are into this womens luggage sets brand. 


Bric’s Bellagio 2.0 Trolley

  • This womens luggage sets is made with easy cleaning material.
  • Sold for $760.

2.2. DELSE – the second option for womens luggage sets

DELSE is a French fashion brand.



  • A luxury White shade womens luggage sets.
  • Sold for $350.

2.3. Basics Geometric – the third option for womens luggage sets

This is a famous brand from Amazon


Basics Geometric

  • These womens luggage sets have unique geometric patterns.
  • Sold for $170.

2.4.  Rockland – the fourth option for womens luggage sets

These womens luggage sets come in 4 pieces.



  • These womens luggage sets have a pretty Black color with dots patterns. This pattern makes this set become trendy handbag for women.
  • Sold for $124.15.

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