What you need to know about wholesale coffee bean

The wholesale coffee bean has attracted many strong competitors into its field because of many profitable opportunities that it offers. However, its price can vary in accordance to even the smallest changes regarding productivity, supply, demand or environmental issues.



  • Overview of wholesale coffee beans


Coffee beans can be found anywhere nowadays because of the growing and bustling coffee culture.

1.1. Definition of wholesale coffee beans

Wholesale coffee beans are defined as coffee beans distributed in large quantities to those who have demand, such as corporations, resellers, distributors, exporters, etc. The price of wholesale coffee beans are usually cheaper than buying small quantities.

1.2. Situation of wholesale coffee beans

  • Coffee price worldwide


    Top 3 major exporting regions of wholesale coffee beans

Arabica coffee prices increased in 3 consecutive years, whereas that of Robusta fell in MY 2019/20 and rose again in MY 2020/21.

The price of Colombian Milds saw the most significant increase.


No. Type of coffee MY 2018/19 MY 2019/20 MY 2020/21
1 Colombian Milds 2907.2 3414.5 4226.5
2 Brazilian Naturals 2247.5 2385.9 2982.9
3 Other Milds 2857.0 3281.1 3973.1
4 Robusta 1691.0 1531.9 1783.2


  • Coffee production worldwide

In terms of regions, South America produced 48% of world coffee output, mostly in Brazil and Colombia, followed by Asia with Vietnam and Indonesia.

Coffee production in terms of regions


The total coffee production decreased slightly in MY 2019/2020 but it rose again in the following year. 


MY 2018/19 MY 2019/20 MY 2020/21
Total production 10.21 10.14 10.18
Arabica 6.02 5.82 5.96
Robusta 4.19 4.31 4.22


1.3. Why Southeast Asia grows wholesale coffee beans the most

The geographical conditions of Southeast Asia are considered ideal for coffee growing and processing. Other factors such as history, culture and economics also help promote the coffee industry here.

  • Natural conditions

Southeast Asia is a place with a tropical climate with a rainfall of 1500-2000m, temperature above 24oC, and a lot of light, which are perfect for growing wholesale coffee beans. In addition, its fertile basalt red soil and plentiful water sources are suitable for the coffee industry.

Natural conditions

  • Economic and social conditions

Social and economic conditions

This place has an experienced labor force with a long history with coffee. Governments in many Southeast Asian countries have carried out many policies that aim to promote wholesale coffee beans, such as reduced taxes, increased subsidies.

Currently, Vietnam is the world’s second largest coffee exporter and the largest in this region. This is followed by Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia and Thailand.


Decaffeinated roasted coffee


  • Types of wholesale coffee beans


Arabica and Robusta are the two most popular types of wholesale coffee beans.

Types of wholesale coffee beans

  • Arabica

This is the most popular type of coffee worldwide, accounting for 60% of the world’s annual output. Arabica is grown mostly in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

  • Robusta

Robusta coffee contributes about 90% of Vietnam coffee production, mostly grown in the Central Highlands. 


Non decaffeinated roasted coffee


  • How to find reliable and reputable wholesale coffee beans suppliers


Knowing ways to find a reliable wholesale coffee beans supplier is very important for your stable and prosper business.

  • Search wholesale coffee beans suppliers on the Internet

The developed technological era has allowed us to easily find many wholesale coffee beans suppliers. However, most reputable wholesale coffee beans suppliers are on the first Google page or international E-commerce platforms.

  • Find broker services

A professional and experienced broker is very helpful in the journey to find a reputable coffee supplier with reasonable prices.

  • Find in international agricultural fairs 

These are often organised by the Government so they are good opportunities to find a reliable and reputable coffee partner.


  • Leading Vietnamese wholesale coffee beans suppliers 


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