5S hair factory brings Vietnamese hair products to the world

5S hair factory is the first company in Vietnam to make hair extension products to satisfy the beauty needs of all women in the world. For hair products, 5s hair wants to bring confidence, breakthrough or simply give customers the best experience.


What’s about 5S hair factory

What’s about 5S hair factory

5S hair factory is a company specializing in the production and export of hair products such as tip/tape hair extension, virgin hair extension, weft hair extension,… to markets such as Europe, America, Brazil,… Besides professional production lines, 5s hair factory also has a team of experienced, dedicated and potential staff in bringing 5s hair factory’s hair products to the international market.

Formation process of 5S hair factory

What did you know about the 5S hair factory? Here is some information about the company for your reference:

  • 5S hair factory was established in 1989 and after 32 years of development and accumulated experience, the company has achieved remarkable achievements. So they are called the top hair factory in Vietnam. The export of hair products from the 5S hair factory has also achieved high progress not only because of the product quality but also the customer care system is always a top priority.
  • You may not know about the name “5S”. No.5 represents 5 continents in the world and it is also the goal that the company aims to bring 5S hair factory’s products to all over the world so that a Vietnamese brand will become a prestigious brand for international customers. The letter S clearly represents the S-shaped strip of Vietnam. This is a beautiful symbol not only of a graceful, beautiful and heroic Vietnamese people but also a symbol of the beauty of a woman, the soft S-shaped curves exalt the original beauty of women all over the world. And another special thing is that the letter S is also the beautiful soft curls, which is one of the hidden beauties that 5s hair wants to mention in its brand name.

Aim towards of 5S hair factory

Every company has its own goals and so do the 5S hair factory:

  • Bring Vietnamese hair products to the world: Currently, 5s is still targeting international markets such as Europe, Nigeria, UK, Russia, .. not only because of the international customers’ preference for hair products but also because 5S hair factory’s mission is to bring high quality Vietnamese hair products to the international market. The high competition in exporting Vietnamese products to foreign countries increases the curiosity of international customers for Vietnamese products. With good quality from 5S hair factory’s products, international customers will have confidence in Vietnamese products, thereby making all products in general receive high praise from international customers.
  • Become the leading hair factory in Vietnam: With the mission of bringing Vietnamese hair products to the international market, 5S hair factory is also growing stronger and becoming a leading company in the hair products manufacturing industry in Vietnam. The production team as well as the operating team of 5S hair factory are increasingly trained in depth to ensure that all customer requirements are met.

High quality hair products of 5S hair factory

5S hair factory’s products are made from 100% Vietnamese human hair to bring the best user experience:


High quality products of 5S hair factory

Best seller products of 5S hair factory

5S hair factory’s products are always guaranteed of high quality of hair extension in bulk and always bring the best designs to customers. About the hair product styles, there are many specific types as follows:

  • Buck hair/ Raw hair: is the original hair, after being collected and cleaned, bundled into bundles according to the specified grams and exported.
  • Weft/ Weave hair: it’s a hair-shaped form of one-head ribbon, and then salons import the hair product and install/ stitches the hair of a client’s hair.
  • Wig: is a complete wig that is carefully processed to suit all types of customers
  • Tip hair: small clumps of hair weighing 1.5-2 gram are glued on one end (there are several types of glue that are flattened, I-shaped, V-shaped, U-shaped (nail shaped)
  • Tape hair: The hair is spread thinly on a specially designed tape, when used by the salon, it is glued straight to each customer’s small hair.

In order for customers to have the best experience, 5S hair factory always tries to optimize the price of products, for each different model and material, the price will be changed. But don’t worry because the price is expensive because the target audience of 5S hair factory is that everyone can buy and use it.

5S hair factory’s production line

The 5S hair factory is always strict in the production of products, so the production lines of 5S hair factory are always supervised by experienced and professional employees. At each different stage, the company has well-trained employees to ensure the best products for customers.

Why customers should choose 5S hair factory’s products

Besides the quality of the product mentioned above, below 5S hair factory gives you some reasons that you should choose the company’s product.

  • 5S hair factory’s dedicated customers care: With a dedicated customer care team 24/7, 5S hair factory will definitely bring customers the best services. Every 5S hair factory’s customer service staff is well-trained on how to behave as well as handle customer information in the most optimal way.

Dedicated customer care

  • Positive feedback: If you still have doubts about the product quality of 5S hair factory, the customer feedback will be the clearest proof of our company’s products. 5S hair factory has signed many contracts with many businesses around the world to provide quality products to them and now the company is growing stronger with consecutive projects. that confirms the quality of 5s when reaching out to the world but there is no shortage in quality.
  • High quality but affordable price: The product quality of 5s always ensures the best for customers. Price is always what customers care about, 5s always find the optimal solutions for high quality products but the price is more reasonable than expected.

Even if there are many raw hair factory to choose from, selecting a good one might be challenging. I hope you find this blog to be really useful whether you are just starting out in the hair industry or if you already run your own hair company and are seeking a reliable raw hair factory: https://vinhairvendor.com/facts-about-raw-hair-factory-worldwide-and-top-list-new-updated/