Raw Cambodian hair: The product is sought after by the world’s hair merchants

Finding a dependable source of raw hair resources is becoming increasingly crucial as the hair extension industry grows in strength. Raw Cambodian hair looks to be a novel supply of raw materials, and it is well matched to the current status of the hair extension industry.


An overview of Raw Cambodian hair


Cambodia is regarded as a poor country that has failed to develop at the same rate as other nations. According to current worldwide rankings, Cambodians have one of the lowest average earnings in the world.


In Cambodia, as in many other underdeveloped nations, many women work but earn meager wages, so they sell their hair to augment their income.


That is also why the Cambodian hair extensions industry uses raw Cambodian hair to make hair extensions or sell to large markets where raw hair is scarce. Raw Cambodian hair has a number of beneficial properties that make it possible to create a large number of high-quality hair extensions.

On the current hair extension market, raw Cambodian hair items are also not expensive because the quality of these products is uneven due to the fact that they are 100 percent natural natural hair without chemicals.

The qualities of Raw Cambodian hair


Learn about the qualities of raw Cambodian hair as one of the newest sources of raw hair materials, or to learn more about raw Cambodian hair on the current hair extension market.


 Characteristics of Raw Cambodian hair


Because raw hair is popular in Asian countries, let’s look at some additional types of coarse hair:


Raw Cambodian hair is a relatively new supply of raw materials on the market. Cambodians take exceptional care of their hair with natural medicines, thus coarse hair is usually light black and robust.


Although raw Cambodian hair is frequently light and thin, it meets the requirements for supplying the Cambodian hair extension market and is also suitable for export. Raw Cambodian hair has many of the same characteristics as Brazilian hair, but it lacks the sheen. As a result, chemicals have been used in the Cambodian hair extensions industry to make coarse hair shinier, potentially raising the price of raw Cambodian hair on the global market.

Raw Cambodian hair is also classified into two types: straight hair and curly hair, both of which are utilized to create a variety of hair extensions. Because of the availability of these two types of raw Cambodian hair, the number of hair extension production processes in this market has decreased. This sector has the potential to develop raw Cambodian hair in various markets throughout the world due to the variety of styles and materials available.


Raw Cambodian hair comes in a variety of styles.


Let’s look at the different sorts of raw Cambodian hair if you’re already familiar with its properties:


The raw Cambodian hair sector, like many others on the market today, relies on two types of raw materials: virgin hair and remy hair. Raw Cambodian hair may easily integrate into the global hair extension market due to the excellent consistency of materials utilized in modern hair extension products.


Virgin hair is a high-value, high-quality hair type that may be found practically anywhere. Raw virgin hair is extremely rare in Cambodia, as only the wealthiest women can afford such strong and lustrous hair of such high quality. However, because these women have no need to sell their hair, finding virgin hair in Cambodia is tough.


Raw Cambodian hair products are frequently high-grade remy hair, but they come from a range of sources, making it difficult to guarantee consistency in quality. The core ingredient, on the other hand, is remy hair, which is still widely used across the globe, not only in Cambodia.


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