The guidance on knowing fake Hermès bag vs real ones

Here is how to distinguish fake Hermès bag vs real ones in the market. Also, check on your Hermès items to have the skill.

1. How to tell the difference between a fake Hermès bag and a real Hermès bag

  • The famous CH David, who wears the famous Hermès Kelly bag, is the CEO of the popular brand differentiation application
  • Legit Check and the owner of the fake Hermès bag. There are four signatures of his.

2. Here are some quick tips to know fake Hermès bag vs real products:

2.1. Checking fake Hermès bag vs real through the font printed

  • You need to have the comparison image based on the font inside the bag. It’s easy to spot the two main flaws of the fake: the “HERMÈS” lettering on the fake “S” bag was too thick and the ink bleed easily. This “S” also does not match any other letter in the same word and appears to be slightly larger than the others.
  • The words “MADE IN FRANCE” clearly indicate that this is a fake bag. The letters have a very different shape than the letters on the real bag, and the printing quality is poor, so the letters are too thin and easy to bleed and blur, which is also the difference between the fake Hermès bag vs real.

How to detect fake Hermès vs real

2.2. Checking fake Hermès bag vs real through the bag strap

The handle of the fake bag is misaligned and slightly twisted. A real bag has a vertical handle with a flat curve. For a closer look, pull the handle to stand upright and see if the curvature and height are different from the actual bag.

2.3. Checking fake Hermès bag vs real through the hook on the bag

Pickpockets in Hermès Kelly designs also require close scrutiny.


Bag hook in real Hermes vs fake one

  • When you look at the fake bag, the stitching looks very thick and rough, while the real bag has thinner and more delicate lines. Therefore, to distinguish a fake Hermès bag vs real ones, you should carefully examine the font, handles, hooks of the bag, and other parts. These are the clearest spots to tell if the product you are reviewing is real or fake. Also, make sure you buy your Hermès bags from reputable stores and sellers. It makes me feel a little safer when buying branded items.

Maybe you are into:

3. Buying fake Hermès bags vs real ones at the authorized official stores

It can be seen that Hermès’ exclusive and strict policy on some classic bags causes a lot of difficulties for fashionistas. But this policy is also the secret to helping Hermès establish its own place in the world of luxury fashion, with its own rules.


Buy Hermes real

  • The customers must be successful businessmen or VIP customers of the store. Hermes bags have become a symbol of class and status among the elite. And to be a good shopper, you must have the knowledge to tell the difference between fake and genuine Hermès bags. You can get a fake Hermès bag vs real one in no time, so start by owning things like handkerchiefs, perfumes, and jewellery Hermes.
  • Visit Hermès stores often and own a few small items (the prices are never cheap). Don’t forget to interact with the staff.
  • Become a regular at the store and have a long chat with the staff to learn more about Hermès bags and distinguish between genuine Hermès bags and fakes. We can say that we need to invest in grey matter.

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So, have you known how to separate fake Hermès bag vs real ones? Let us know!

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