Discover the beauty of Vietnamese long hair

Vietnamese hair, with its breathtaking look, has captured the attention of customers worldwide. This article will make you delve into the wonder of this hair item and reveal the secrets behind its exceptional beauty.

Introduction to Vietnamese long hair

Vietnamese women are famous for their elegant beauty in the traditional ao dai with lustrous long black hair. They have the habit of growing their hair long and taking care of it with seasonal herbs in Vietnam. That habit has become a tradition to be preserved from generation to generation. Thus, Vietnamese long hair has become a sign of grace, femininity and charm, which captivate the attention of hair lovers around the world.

The unmatched quality of Vietnamese long hair

Not only is Vietnamese long hair beautiful, but it’s also renowned for its exceptional quality and longevity.

  • Clear origin: Vietnamese long hair is sourced from Vietnamese women who mainly live in rural and mountainous areas who have the habits of growing hair long and take care of it with herbal hair care routine and healthy lifestyles.
  • Wonderful texture: Vietnamese long hair retains the texture of gorgeous Vietnamese human hair. Vietnamese hair is renowned for its irresistibly soft and silky texture. It feels incredibly luxurious to the touch with natural lusters that catch the light, creating a dazzling effect that is hard to ignore.
  • Durability: Sourced directly from Vietnam, this hair is meticulously collected, preserving its natural strength and vitality. The hair undergoes a rigorous process to ensure that it retains its integrity, making it a long-lasting investment for you. With proper care, Vietnamese long hair can accompany you on your journey for years with its silky smoothness and stunning shine.
  • Versatility: Vietnamese long hair may be readily styled and colored in a variety of ways due to its naturally straight nature. You may color your hair item whatever color you like since it is also incredibly strong. Especially in blonde tones like color 613, Vietnamese hair is highly adaptable and lends itself to a broad variety of appealing haircuts and tints.
  • Low-maintenance: Vietnamese long hair requires low maintenance thanks to its natural characteristics. However, it may need a little bit more care than shorter hair.

Vietnamese long hair with its ethical source, high quality raw materials and wonderful textures has made it incredibly long lasting and versatile, which is why this hair type is valuable and desired by many customers around the world.


Vietnamese long hair has top-notch quality

Buying Vietnamese long hair to achieve the lustrous hair look

The quickest and simplest option to achieve the glossy hair style is to purchase Vietnamese long hair. You may get this hair product from a hair factory or a commercial hair firm. A commercial firm serves as the distributor in the supply chain, with a hair factory serving as the primary provider with the capacity to produce this human good on-site. A wholesale hair factory is a fantastic choice if you want to purchase Vietnamese hair items in big quantities to launch a business or operate a salon. A commercial business is a good place to go if you want to purchase hair for your own usage.
However, due to its unique beauty and scarcity of Vietnamese long hair, this hair item is rather hard to find, with few hair suppliers supplying it, in a small quantity.

Tips to check the quality of Vietnamese long hair

You can perform smell test, shed test, differentiate between human and synthetic hair, and check the condition of the hair item to buy high-quality Vietnamese straight hair:

  • Visual test: Long hair items sometimes have the problem like split ends or frizzes on the end of the hair strand. You should carefully inspect the hair so see if it shows signs of these problems.
  • Check for smell: After multiple washings, a product may still smell bad since it was probably made with hazardous ingredients.
  • Shedding test: Excellent quality hair appears smooth and separates easily with little to no shedding when you run your fingers to through hair items. On the other hand, the hair is probably of low quality if your fingers become tangled in it and your hair shows signs of shedding.
  • The human hair vs. synthetic hair test may be used to determine if Vietnamese straight hair is entirely made of human hair or contains some synthetic hair. Simply hold a few long hairs near the flame. When the hair begins to burn, it is when you should pay close attention. Human hair when burnt won’t produce a lot of black smoke, an unpleasant burning smell, or hard ash.
  • To evaluate the quality of Vietnamese straight hair extensions, consider their thickness. The greatest hair extensions have a consistent thickness from top to bottom

Here are some suggestions for excellent Vietnamese straight hair retailers. It is advised to get a hair sample and examine it, or you can ask the provider to utilize one of the aforementioned techniques to video-check the hair’s quality.

How to care for Vietnamese long hair

It’s crucial to take care of your Vietnamese long hair extensions if you want to keep up with their quality, durability, and natural attractiveness.

  • Use a mild, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner designed for hair extensions to take care of your Vietnamese long hair extensions.
  • With a wide-tooth comb or extension brush, gently detangle them. Utilize a mild leave-in conditioner or serum to keep them hydrated.
  • Only occasionally use heat styling equipment, and cover with a heat protectant spray.
  • Avoid sleeping with damp hair and use harsh chemicals as little as possible.
  • Keep them clean and dry and take them to a stylist on a regular basis for care.

You can preserve the beauty and quality of your Vietnamese long hair extensions by adhering to these suggestions. Taking care of long hair may be a little bit harder but it’s worth the beauty it brings to your appearance.

Top factory to get Vietnamese long hair

Here are the best suppliers from whom you can get beautiful Vietnamese long hair with excellent quality

Vin Hair Vendor- the greatest place to buy Vietnamese long hair

Vin Hair provides a vast variety of Vietnamese long hair that highlighs the inherent beauty and amazing length of Vietnamese hair with a dedication to quality and customer satisfaction.

  • To achieve a smooth blend, silky texture, and long-lasting durability, their extensions are painstakingly chosen and made. Vin Hair Vendor can provide you with the straight, wavy, or curly styles you choose.
  • Their extensions are renowned for their flawless quality, lifelike look, and endurance of style and regular use.

By buying from Vin Hair Vendor, you will be able to get the rare and beautiful Vietnamese long hair with the best price and quality.


Vin Hair Vendor is the best supplier for Vietnamese long hair.

Mic Hair is a reputable supplier to buy Vietnamese long hair from

Mic Hair Vietnam provides a large selection of Vietnamese long hair items that are of excellent quality. They are committed to offering consumers extensions that showcase the Vietnamese hair’s inherent beauty, length, and adaptability.

  • Mic Hair Factory recognizes the value of quality and provides extensions that are expertly created and processed to produce remarkable results.
  • You may choose from a variety of extensions from Mic Hair, whether you want straight, wavy, or curly hair.

Their long Vietnamese hair is recognized for its softness, smoothness, and capacity to blend perfectly with your own hair. You will have great experience with Vietnamese long hair and get the desired look with Mic Hair.

K-Hair is a well-known supplier for Vietnamese long hair

K-Hair is a well-known supplier of high-quality hair extensions made from Vietnamese long hair. By regularly providing clients with high-quality items that exceed their expectations, they have established a solid reputation in the market.

  • K-Hair provides a wide selection of extensions produced from real Vietnamese long hair in straight, wavy, and curly textures.
  • To guarantee they are free of knots, shedding, and other typical problems, their extensions are meticulously treated and put through strict quality control procedures.

You can count on K-Hair for Vietnamese long hair that is beautiful, versatile, glossy, and realistic-looking to create the hair style you want.