K- Hair Factory: Leverage the Nigeria market for thriving!       

In modern times, the growing economy is always coupled with the rising demand of the beauty sector. That’s the reason K-hair wholesale hair suppliers make a big splash in the beauty industry. For years , K-hair factory has exploited the African market, typically Nigeria by taking full advantage of their hair’s needs. Therefore, K- hair factory  currently is in an equal position with some famous suppliers, like China, India, Cambodia..with  a ton of hair exportation on a yearly basis. Reasons are figured out in the following writing. If you are about to seek a distributor, K- hair is absolutely a reliable partner!

K-hair Factory Vietnam logo

The first remarkable landmark of the K-hair factory was in 1992. The headquarters of K-hair factory was established in Vietnam’s capital thanks to its location and potentiality. With the supply, high-quality services, along with the labour force, K-hair is expected to gain the reputation on a global scale and be listed on the top ranking hair extension market. The Nigeria market is exploited by out of box thinking of the founder- Mr. Daniel. Having a chance to study abroad, he saw the growth of the hair industry when suffered from both obstacles and challenges.

K- hair factory Vietnam headquarter

The K-hair factory and Nigeria market have been consolidating trade relations for such a long time and the truth is revealed in the following content. Nigeria’s location is well- known as an imperative demand as a strict climate and spicy diets. These factors lead to a tagging structure of hair and low- quality, compared to hair status in Asian countries like Vietnam or China . Step by step, the rising demand for hair extensions for both men and women . K-hair factories have a deeper understanding about these characteristics and supply a diversified type and styles. Compared to other distributors, K- hair factory products in Vietnam are 100% real human hair, no synthetic and no mixed. This truth makes a great contribution to consumers’ belief, particularly the Nigeria market. K Hair is really famous for Vietnamese long hair with the products up to 38 inches length.

K-Hair wholesale hair extensions products are categorized for selection and convenience as the Nigerian always desire to turn their short hair into long flowing hair. Below are the information of all amazing K- hair styles:

  • K- hair weft hair extension – the product satisfied with most of Nigeria’s taste: weft hair extensions can be understood as a long line of hair that is used to stick on the client’s head. This style is sewn directly into their hair and maintained in the long- term for beauty perfection. 
  • K- hair extensions closure/ frontal: closure or frontal hair extensions are prioritized for bald covering as they are made in terms of arrays of hair. The common size for closure is 2*4, 2*6 and 4*4, different from frontal is 13*4. The net materials are quite varied, while the most prevalent one is swiss lace, HD lace and transparent lace with a high- quality. If you are a native Nigerian with short curly hair, it is worth considering K- hair extensions closure or frontal for a temporary solution.
  • Wigs: can also be considered hair extensions and made of human hair. However, wigs are more special as a wig is usually made of 3 bundles and 1 closure/ frontal (many hair extensions). Wigs tend to be utilized for covering a full head or full lace as an effective solution. 

K-hair factory hair extension

For Those who are keen on K- hair extensions, you will get multiple advantages as follow:

  • Long durability: thanks to top-notch techniques of K-hair factory, weft hair creates the comfort and convenience for using day in and day out. Among China or India, Vietnam’s K- Hair factory pays great attention to durability and standard in other words.
  • Diversification: K-hair factories supply both curly, wavy, coil… styles for different tastes and preferences. 
  • Reasonable price: If you are a royal distributor of K- hair factory, you will be acquainted with the slogan: “ Quality is King.”. K-hair wholesale hair suppliers always bear in mind that not only boosting high quality products but reasonable prices as well.

K- hair factory Vietnam  slogan

Apart from high- quality and cost effective products, customer service with a professional manner is a  crucial factor for robust development of K-hair factories with the Nigeria market. Over decades, K-hair factory success has been proven  in terms of human factors and its merchandise.  K- hair factory also equips personnel with an abundance of profession and skills. We are available for supporting the shipping and payment whenever clients need it. Virtual platforms such as websites, whatsapp, facebook, instagram, and so on are promoted for detailed information if they have any queries in terms of hairstyles or hair colors.

With the initial mission, the K-hair factory always attached special importance to client’s satisfaction to gradually turn the K-hair factory into a superior position around the world. Besides utilizing the peculiarity of the Nigerian market, K- hair factory steadily expanded its range and prominence with other potential markets on a global scale. If you are finding hair extensions distributors, K-hair factory is willing to bring the best content. Believe us, receive benefits!