Profits from wholesale hair extensions are being brought back to the world

Are you wondering whether to join a wholesale hair extension? Or are you looking to maximize the profit you get for your wholesale hair extension. Then read this blog post and you will have your own answer


The products of wholesale hair vendors

Should I join in wholesale hair extension field

To answer this question, we offer some research on the current and future wholesale hair extension market. Let’s find out together

 What is the demand of customers?

More and more people are using hair extensions, the reason is attributed to the following reasons

  • The demand for beauty for women’s hair all over the world is increasing, while natural hair cannot meet much. That’s why they look to hair extensions to have a better look
  • Some people get sick, their hair naturally falls out. They need to use wigs. Therefore, the demand for wholesale hair extensions and wholesale wigs has also increased.
  • In addition, people are also more concerned about the health of their hair, they want to style their hair but do not want their hair to be damaged, so hair extensions are the best solution.
  • With such a high worldwide demand for hair extensions, it’s only natural that there are wholesale hair extension companies and hair extension retailers. This demand is on the rise, so starting to join the wholesale hair extension market is still very promising

The profits you can take from wholesale hair extension?

With such a large amount of user demand, focusing mainly on Africa, the US, the UK, and European countries, wholesale hair extensions don’t need to worry too much about finding customers. So just finding a reasonable supply, both quality and cheap, making a profit is not difficult.
In fact, when selling wholesale hair extensions in some potential and high demand markets such as Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa, … you can earn 2-3 times the capital. If your market is in USA, UK, Russia,… you can make 5-10 times profit
So, should you join or invest more in a wholesale hair extension? I’m sure you’ve got your answer

The most famous source of wholesale hair extensions that you need to know

In order to make a high profit, you need to know about wholesale hair extension sources that can provide you with quality products at affordable prices. Here are our suggestions. This is the most reasonable wholesale hair extension source that we recommend.


Sources of the wholesale hair vendors

  •  First, with natural straight, black, smooth hair, Vietnamese hair is beautiful even without going through any process. Because hair is straight, any style is easy: bone straight hair, curly and wave can be made from wholesale hair extension factories in Vietnam
  • Good, healthy hair quality, and the culture uses less chemicals to care for hair, so even after the hairdressing process, the hair is still strong and durable.
  • Good price: because the labor cost is cheap, the cost of hair materials is also cheap (due to the Vietnamese tradition of keeping hair, it is easy to buy), the shipping cost is also low because Vietnam is close to China. – Large shipping gateway, and the customs costs are also lower than other countries
  • Less risk: Vietnam Customs is ready to export wholesale hair extensions, at the same time, Vietnamese society is also stable, there is little risk that you will not receive your hair when you buy wholesale hair extensions from Vietnamese hair factories.

So we recommend you to use wholesale hair extensions from Vietnam to be safe for your own hair business and still earn high profits. So How To Import Hair From Vietnam? You can refer to this blog.

Some of the best wholesale hair extension companies in Vietnam

In order to save the time of those who are looking to find out about the wholesale hair extension partners that they may be looking for, we provide a list of companies with the most reasonable prices while still maintaining quality.

5S Hair Factory – The wholesale hair extension factory that offer the best price

5S Hair Factory is one of the largest wholesale hair extension companies in Vietnam. They have 30 years of experience in the hair extension, coarse hair industry. However, the price is very good, it can be said that it is the best among famous hair brands in Vietnam

  • Wholesale hair extension products: Bulk hair, Bone straight hair, Curly and wavy hair, Virgin hair for bleaching,… Most of the products you need can be found here
  • Customer Feedback: 5S Hair’s customers all give very good feedback about 5S Hair products. Especially the best selling bone straight received the best reviews from customers
  • Contact: You can contact their Manager Ms Lily whatsapp +84855555754

5S hair factory

K-Hair Factory: One of the biggest brands for wholesale hair extension

K-Hair is also one of the biggest wholesale hair extension brands in Vietnam to prove their credibility

  • Wholesale hair extension products: The product quality of K-Hair is similar to 5S Hair, which is appreciated for its beautiful appearance and durability.
  • Price for wholesale hair extension: The price of K-Hair Factory is slightly higher than 5S Hair
  • Customer Feedback: Most of the feedback is good, but there is some bad feedback on curly hair and colored hair.